I welcome enquiries from all levels including Placement Students, Postgraduates, Postdocs and Collaborators. Please contact me at sebastian.shimeld@zoo.ox.ac.uk. Studenthsips may also be advertised on FindaPhD.com.

If you are considering applying for an Independent Fellowship, please contact me to discuss hosting arrangements and possible sources of funding.

If you are an Oxford Biological Sciences undergraduate considering their project then I can normally host a couple of students each year. Potential projects change each year, but can range from fully bioinformatic (for example using genome mining and molecular phylogenetics to study the evolution of complex gene families), to primarily lab based (for example establishing gene expression patterns in key taxa to test hypotheses of homology). Some projects combine elements of both. I also have interests in marine biology, especially in the thermal tolerance of plankton and its relationship to maternal resource allocation.

If you are a student from one of the Doctoral Training Centres/Programmes seeking a rotation placement, in addition to the topics above I am happy to discuss projects that fit in with any of the areas of research listed on my Research page. I am especially interested in projects that combine informatics (for example analysis of transcriptome, proteome and genome data) with experimental work, aimed at testing important evolutionary hypotheses.